Medical and Environmental Applications of Activated Charcoal

Ahed J. Alkhatib and Khalid Al Zailaey published in January 2015 a review article on the medical and environmental applications of activated charcoal (AC). AC, also called activated carbon, is charcoal that has been heated or otherwise treated to increase its adsorptive power. In medicine, AC is mainly used in the treatment of poisonings due to toxic substances. However, it has also other important applications. For example, AC increases the rate of dialysis, and may, therefore, be a potential drug for the treatment of chronic kidney disease. It is also used to remove toxic metals both from water and from the air. Air filtration with activated carbon filter provides protection for workers against toxic vapors in the working place. AC has many therapeutically and environmental applications due to its large surface area.

Drs. Alkhatib and Al Zailey are researchers respectively at the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. Ahed Jumah Al-Khatib, PhD is chairman of The Jordanian Branch of CONEM.



Alkhatib AJ, Al Zailaey K. Medical and environmental applications of activated charcoal: review article. European Scientific Journal 2015; 11(3): 50-56.


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