Archives for March 5, 2017

The CONEM Jordan Environmental Health Research Group

Geir Bjørklund
Founder and President of CONEM

Eleven researchers, mainly from Jordan, established in July 2015 what is now called CONEM Jordan Environmental Health Research Group. Its primary focus is the discussion of various aspects of environmental impacts; for example, health effects of toxic metal exposure. The impact of environment and nutrition on the health of women and children is one of the important topics.

Chairman of the group is Ahed Jumah Al-Khatib, PhD. He is a researcher at Department of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, Jordan. Secretary of the group is Haitham Mohammad Alta’any, PhD, who is a part-time lecturer at the same university in Irbid.

Let us hope that the CONEM Jordan Environmental Health Research Group will result in more research collaboration between researchers in Jordan and other parts of the world.