Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez, MD

Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez, MDSurgeon and Alternative Medical Practitioner
Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia


+57 18630876 or +57 3158479237

Email: info@drjuanmanuelmartinez.com

Website: www.drjuanmanuelmartinez.com

Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez, MD
Medicina Alternativa
Cra. 10 # 8-93 Chia
Cundinamarca, Cons. 301

Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez, MD is a surgeon and alternative medical practitioner in the municipality of Chía, 25 km north of Bogotá, Colombia. He is a member of the Colombian Society of Preventive Medicine (Sociedad Colombiana de Medicina Preventiva) and has been in private practice since 1988. Dr. Méndez has authored several papers on infectious diseases and holistic medicine. After intensive studies regarding hormones disturbances, along with orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy, medical bioinformatics, nutritional assessment, health qigong, taichichuan, pathophysiognomy and natural hormone support or restoration (T3, T3/T4, natural desiccated thyroid, pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA), he developed an integrative approach to acute, chronic and degenerative illnesses. Dr. Méndez is a member of the Board of Advisors of the International Medical Council on Vaccination. This is an association of qualified medical professionals whose purpose is to counter the official messages that vaccines are safe, effective and harmless. He published on May 9, 2015 in Barcelona the ebook Vacunación: mito y realidad (Vaccination: myth and reality) during Biocultura.