In memoriam Vera Stejskal

I’m very sorry to announce that my good friend and collaborator Professor Vera Stejskal (Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden and MELISA Medica Foundation) has recently passed away. She was a pioneer in the field of immunotoxicology, and the inventor of the MELISA test. I have very good memories of Vera, and we had good contact with each other for about 30 years. I remember especially the MELISA conference in Valencia in 2009, where I had lovely days together with Vera, her two daughters, and other friends. She was one of the first members of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM). Also, I had the honor to collaborate with Vera on two research papers about metal intolerance in rheumatic disorders (1, 2). In loving memory of Vera Stejskal, my thoughts go, especially to her family.

Geir Bjørklund



1. Stejskal V, Ockert K, Bjørklund G. Metal-induced inflammation triggers fibromyalgia in metal-allergic patients. Neuro Endocrinol Lett 2013; 34: 559-565.

2. Stejskal V, Reynolds T, Bjørklund G. Increased frequency of delayed type hypersensitivity to metals in patients with connective tissue disease. J Trace Elem Med Biol 2015; 31: 230-236.

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In memoriam Vera Stejskal, inventor of MELISA testing. October 13, 2017.