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This list contains manuscripts that are submitted to a journal for possible publication. See also CONEM’s Publications and Ongoing Projects.


A Dissipative Perspective of the Human Mind. Maturana, Varela and the New Triadic Model
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella G, Vella G, Capobianco NC, Vella A (Under Review 14 Mar 2019 HELIYON)

A Meta-Analysis of Zinc Levels in Breast Cancer
Jouybari L, Kiani F, Saei M, Akbari A, Sanagoo A, Sayehmiri F, Aaseth J, Chartrand MS, Sayehmiri K, Rezaei-Tavirani M, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Ready for Decision 16 Jun 2019 JTEMB)

***A Method for the Investigation of the Adsorption Behavior of Strontium Ions in Porous Bone Powder
Butnariu M, Pentea M, Corneanu M, Petrescu I, Stef R, Bostan C, Sarac I, Chirumbolo S, Kizek R, Hosnedlová B, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xxx 2019 ABC)

Application of Nanotechnology in Wine Compounds Analysis and Wine Quality and Safety Control – a Review 
*Hosnedlova B, Sochor J, Baron M, Bjørklund G, Kizek R (Under Review 13 Mar 2019 BFSN)

Basophil Activation Test in Interstitial Nephritis. Some Comments
Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella A (Decision en Curso 11 Jun 2019 NEFRO)

Bufo Rana: A Homeopathic Remedy
Bjørklund G (Submitted 15 Jun 2019 JTMCN)

Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Metals in the Street Dust of Kashan, Iran
Fakhri Y, Moradi Q, Mirzaei R, Sorooshian A, Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S, Alipour M, Rahmatinia M, Ghaderpoori M, Taghavi M, Keramati H, Bay A, Moradi B (Under Review 05 Mar 2019 EGAH)

***Copper Concentrations in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jouybari L, Kiani F, Islami F, Sanagoo A, Sayehmiri F, [Hosnedlová B], Doşa MD, [Kizek R], Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (To be Resubmitted xxx 2019 CMC)

High Levels of Glycosaminoglycans in the Urines of Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Endreffy I, Bjørklund G, Urbina MA, Chirumbolo S, Doşa MD, Dicső F (Under Review 04 May 2019 NNS)

***Impact of Clostridium Bacteria on Autistic Children and Their Anthropometric Measurements
Kandeel WA, Meguid NA, Bjørklund G, Eid EM, Mohamed SK, Farid M, Wakeel KE, Chirumbolo S, Elsaeid A, Hammad DY (To be Resubmitted xxx 2019 JOMN)

Insights on Lipidomics as Possible Diagnostic Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder
El-Ansary A, Chirumbolo S, Bhat RS, Dadar M, Ibrahim EM, Geir Bjørklund (Editor Assigned 14 Jun 2019 MDTA)

Insights on Nutrients as Analgesics in Chronic Pain
Bjørklund G, et al. (Resubmitted 31 May 2019 CMC)

Interactions Between Iron and Manganese in Neurotoxicity
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Rahaman MS, Aaseth J (Submitted 11 Jun 2019 CHEMBIOINT)

Is Mercury a Trigger for Brain Tumors?
Bjørklund G, Pivina L, Dadar M, Semenova Y, Aaseth J (Manuscript In Review 07 May 2019 CMC)

Long-Term Accumulation of Metals in the Skeleton as Related to Osteoporotic Derangements
Bjørklund G, Pivina L, Dadar M, Semenova Y, Aaseth J (Manuscript In Review 08 May 2019 CMC)

Metal Ions Release from Fixed Orthodontic Appliances by Serum Analysis
Moghadam MG, Hoshyar R, Mikulewicz M, Chojnacka K, Bjørklund G, Pen JJ, Azadi NA, Pirsaheb M, Dashtaki M, Mansouri B (Sent Team 03 May 2019 ESPR)

Oxidative Stress in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, Meguid NA, El-Bana MA, Tinkov AA, Saad K, Dadar M, Hemimi M, Skalny AV, Hosnedlová B, Kizek R, Osredkar J, Urbina MA, Fabjan T, El-Houfey A, Kałużna-Czaplińska J, Gątarek P, Chirumbolo S (Under Review 10 Jun 2019 MOLN)

*On the Origin of Human Mind and the Need of a New Epistemology for Neuroscience
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella G, Vella G, Capobianco NC, Vella A (Handled by SC IJNL)

Radiation-Related Health Hazards of Uranium Mining
Semenova Y, Pivina L, Zhunussov Y, Muzdubayeva Z, Bjørklund G (Editor Invited 14 Jun 2019 EGAH)

Specialized Diet Therapies: Exploration for Improving Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, et al. (Manuscript In Review 08 May 2019 CMC)

***Spectrochemical Analysis of the Inclusion Mechanism of Some Allelochemicals (Tropane Alkaloids) from Plant Extracts in the Hydrophobic Cavity of Cyclodextrins
Butnariu M, Sarac I, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xxx 2019 ABC)

The CD45dim/CD123bright/HLADRneg BAT in the Anti-Histamine Drug Allergy
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (*Submitted 02 Apr 2019 IJAAI)

The Efficiency of Governmental and WFP UN Programs for Improvement of Nutritional Status in Tajik Schoolchildren as Assessed by Hair Trace Element Content
Kirichuk AA, Skalny AA, Dodkhoyev JS, Skalnaya MG, Grabeklis AR, Ajsuvakova OP, *Tinkov AA, Notova SV, Bjørklund G, Chizhov AY, Bobrovnitskiy IP, Chernigov VV, Skalny AV (Under Review 11 Jun 2019 JTEMB)

The Potential for the Utilization of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. in Ukraine
Sopushynskyy I, Zayachuk V, Mandziuk R, Martins N, Lysiuk R, Bjørklund G (Submitted 11 Jun 2019 ASDE)

The Role of Zinc and Copper in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Mellitus
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Pivina L, Doşa MD, Semenova Y, Aaseth J (Manuscript In Review 03 May 2019 CMC)

The Role of Zinc Supplementation on the Metallothionein System in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Meguid NA, Bjørklund G, Gebril OH, Doşa MD, Anwar M, Elsaeid A, Chirumbolo S (Required Reviews Completed 10 Jun 2019 ANEB)

Thymosin β4: A Multi-Faceted Tissue Repair Stimulating Protein in Heart Injury
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Aaseth J, Chirumbolo S (Manuscript In Review 20 Apr 2019 CMC)

Trace Element Biomonitoring in Hair and Blood of Occupationally Unexposed Population Residing in Polluted Areas of East-Kazakhstan and Pavlodar Regions
Semenova Y, Zhunussov Y, Pivina L, Abisheva A, Tinkov A, Bulegenov T, Belikhina T, Skalny A, Zhanaspayev M, Glushkova N, Lipikhina A, Dauletyarova M, Junus T, Bjørklund G (Under Review 03 Jun 2019 JTEMB)

Zinc, Copper, and Oxysterol Levels in Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Samadi A, Yilmaz Isikhan S, Tinkov AA, Lay I, Doşa MD, Skalny AV, Skalnaya MG, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Under Review 31 May 2019 YCLNU)


Ongoing Projects