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Chloroquine as Treatment of COVID-19: Metabolism and Synergism With Other Natural Compounds
Gasmi A, Noor S, Lysiuk R, Peana M, Menzel A, Gasmi Benahmed A, Bjørklund G (Submitted 7 Jun 2020 AMAB)

***Dental Practice in COVID-19 Pandemic
Gasmi Benahmed A, Gasmi A, Anzar W, Peana M, Arshad M, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xx Jun 2020 ??)

Individual Risk Management for the COVID-19 Pandemic: Micronutrients and Potential Roles of Natural Remedies
Gasmi A, Noor S, Tippairote T, Dadar M, Menzel A, Bjørklund G (With Editor 6 Jun 2020 YCLIM)

Insights on the Unusual Geographical Distribution of COVID19 in Italy and on the Elderly People in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo, Italy) 
Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Submitted 19 May 2020 JESC)

***Interrelations Between COVID-19 and Other Disorders
Gasmi A, Srinath S, Pivina L, Gasmi Benahmed A, Semenova Y, Menzel A, Peana M, Dadar M, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xx Jun 2020 ??)

Neurological Involvements of SARS-CoV2 Infection
Gasmi A, Tippairote T, Mujawdiya PK, Gasmi Benahmed A, Menzel A, Dadar M, Bjørklund G (Under Review 2 Jun 2020 MOLN)

Quercetin and Other Polyphenols in the Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus Infections: A Focus on SARS-COV-2
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Lysiuk R, Shanaida M, Peana M, Gasmi Benahmed A, Beley N, Kovalska N, Bjørklund G (Manuscript In Review 11 May 2020 CMC)

Social Distances Are Useless in Ensuring COVID19 Safety Without a Proper Indoor Environmental Evaluation 
Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Submitted 17 May 2020 ENVINT)

The Association Between the Incidence of COVID-19 Infections and the Distance From the Virus Epicenter: The Iranian Experience
Dadar M, Fakhri Y, Bjørklund G, Shahali Y (Under Review 25 May 2020 ARVI)

***The Immunomodulatory Strategy for COVID-19 Management
Gasmi A, Tippairote T, Mujawdiya PK, Peana M, Menzel A, Dadar M, Gasmi Benahmed A, Bjørklund G (To be Resubmitted xx Jun 2020 YCLIM) DEADLINE JULY

***The Lessons of COVID-19, SARS, and MERS: Implications for Public Health Strategies
Semenova Y, Pivina L, Zhunussov Y, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xx Jun 2020 TMAID)

The Microbiota-Mediated Dietary and Nutritional Interventions for COVID-19
Gasmi A, Tippairote T, Mujawdiya PK, Menzel A, Dadar M, Gasmi Benahmed A, Bjørklund G (Under Review 7 Jun 2020 TIFS)

***Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection and Its Complications
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Menzel A, Lysiuk R, Tippairote T, Shanaida M, Lenchyk L, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted xx Jun 2020 ??)


Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Metals in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Non-Ischaemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Manousek J, Felsoci M, Miklik R, Parenica J, Krejci J, Bjørklund G, Klanova J, Mlejnek D, Miklikova M, Lokaj P, Chirumbolo S, Spinar J (Resubmitted 23 May 2020 CATO)

High Concentrations of Uranium, Barium, and Lead in Cancer Patients and Healthy Controls in the Malwa Region of Punjab, India
Bjørklund G, Pivina L, Salvatore Chirumbolo S (Under Review 21 Apr 2020 JH&P)

Radiation-Related Health Hazards to Uranium Miners
Semenova Y, Pivina L, Zhunussov Y, Zhanaspayev M, Chirumbolo S, Muzdubayeva Z, Bjørklund G (Resubmitted 12 May 2020 ESPR)

Relationship Between Gestational Diabetes and Serum Trace Metal Levels in Pregnant Women: A Multivariate Approach
Rezaee M, Błaszczyk M, Tinkov AA, Binkowski LJ, Mansouri B, Skalny A, Azadi N, Doşa MD, Bjørklund G (Under Review 07 Apr 2020 JTEMB)


*Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester: A Potential Therapeutic Cancer Agent
Bjørklund G, Lysiuk R, Lenchyk L, Storchylo O, Koshovyi O, Dadar M, Antonyak H, Hudz N, Chirumbolo S (Transferred xx Apr 2020 Springer)


Awareness and Risk Factors of Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Egyptian Population
Meguid NA, Nashaat NH, Elsaeid A, Peana M, Elnahry A, Bjørklund G (Editor Assigned 5 Jun 2020 JADD)

Gastrointestinal Alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Do We Know?
Bjørklund G, Pivina L, Dadar M, Meguid NA, Semenova Y, Anwar M, Chirumbolo S (Resubmitted 21 May 2020 NEUBIOREV)

On the Neuroprotective Effects of Bee Pollen in Rodent Model of Autism
*El-Ansary A, Daghestani M, Al-Muammar MN, Hassan W, Bhat RS, Allowimii RS, Bjørklund G, Al-Dbass A (*Under Review 21 Feb 2020 TN)

Prevalence of Dysphagia in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Barzegar M, Mirmosayeb O, Rezaei M, Bjørklund G, Nehzat N, Afshari-Safavi A, Shaygannejad V (Under Review 15 Apr 2020 DYSP)

Preventive Treatments to Slow Substantia Nigra Damage and Parkinson’s Disease Progression: A Critical Perspective Review
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Anderson G, Chirumbolo S, Maes M (Under Review 11 Apr 2020 YPHRS)

The Glutathione System in Parkinson’s Disease and Its Progression
Bjørklund G, Peana M, Maes M, Dadar M, Severin B (Under Review 30 Apr 2020 NEUROBIOREV)

The Proteomics Study of Compounded HFE/TF/TfR2/HJV Genetic Variations in a Thai Family with Iron Overload, Chronic Anemia, and Motor Neuron Disorder
Tippairote T, Bjørklund G, Peana M, Roytrakul S (Submitted 30 Apr 2020 JOMN)

The Relationship Between Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder With Negative Anti-Aquaporin 4 Antibody
Barzegar M, Nouri H, Mirmosayyeb O, Motedayyen H, Nehzat N, Jahansouz M, Bjørklund G, Shaygannejad V (Under Review 03 May 2020 JNI)


Diagnostics and Surgical Treatment of Severe Acute Calculous Cholecystitis in Overweight Patients
Abdrakhmanov ST, Pivina L, Aimagambetov MZ, Bjørklund G, Omarov NB, Auyenov MA, Costea DO (Under Review 01 May 2020 SURGE)


Association Between the Gut and Oral Microbiota With Obesity
Gasmi Benahmed A, Gasmi A, Doşa A, Chirumbolo S, Mujawdiya PK, Aaseth J,  Dadar M, Bjørklund G (Resubmitted 19 May 2020 ANAEROBE)

Biomarkers of Aging: An Update of a Proposed Panel of Biomarkers
Gasmi A, Chirumbolo S, Mujawdiya PK, Menzel A, Peana M, Dadar M, Bjørklund G (Awaiting for EIC decision 06 Jun 2020 CMC)

Combined Supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 and Other Nutrients in Specific Medical Conditions Bjørklund G, Tippairote T, Pivina L, Severin B (Under Review 21 Apr 2020 EJON)

Dental Plaque Formation: Between Sugar and Protein-Rich Diets 
Gasmi Benahmed A, Gasmi A, Dadar M, Arshad M, Bjørklund G (Under Review 27 Mar 2020 j-oral-biosci)

Effect of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles on Bacterial Biofilms
Kabanov D, Sehnal K, Banas D, Hosnedlova B, Kepinska M, Hari V, Parikesit AA, Fernandez C, Bjørklund G, Ruttkay-Nedecky B, Nguyen HV, Ofomaja A, Sochor J, Baron M, Kizek R,* (Sent RK 26 Apr 2020 Antibiotics)

Health Benefits of Xylitol
Gasmi Benahmed A, Gasmi A, Arshad M, Shanaida M, Lysiuk R, Peana M, Pshyk–Titko I, Adamiv S, Shanaida Y, Bjørklund G (Under Review 17 Apr 2020 AMAB)

Natural Compounds in the Anti-Aging Perspective
Bjørklund G, Shanaida M, Butnariu M, Dadar M, Sarac I, Strus O, Smetanina K, Lysiuk R (Manuscript In Review 11 Mar 2020 CMC)

Relationship Between Gut Microbiota, Gut Hyperpermeability, and Obesity
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Pivina L, Doşa A, Semenova Y, Gasmi Benahmed A, Bjørklund G (Resubmitted 19 May 2020 CMC)

***The Continuum of Disrupted Metabolic Tempo, Mitochondrial Substrates Congestion, and Metabolic Gridlock, on the Timeline Toward Non-Communicable Diseases
Tippairote T, Bjørklund G, Janssen S, Chunhabundit R (To be Submitted)

Treatment of Heel Pain with Mineral Salts Exchange: Protocol for a Clinical Pilot Study
Dhillon KS, Singh J, Chirumbolo S, Chartrand MS, Lyall JS, Bjørklund G (Listed 06 Apr 2020 PoolText)


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