Ongoing Projects

Ongoing research and article projects where CONEM is involved, sorted alphabetically by title. Note: Several other projects are under preparation at a too early stage to be listed here. The final titles on the articles can differ from what is written here.



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review
Bjørklund G, Saad K, Urbina MA

Lead in Drinking Water as a Potential Threat for Developmental Neurotoxicity
Bjørklund G, Rahman MM, Dadar M, Osredkar J, Chirumbolo S, Aaseth J

Medicinal Plants as a Source of Detoxifying Agents
Lysiuk R, et al., Bjørklund G

Plasma α-L-fucosidase-1 (FUCA-1) in Patients with Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disorders
Endreffy I, Bjørklund G, Bartha A, Chirumbolo S, Fényi Á

Selected Medicinal Plants with Promising Properties as Detoxifying Agents
Lysiuk R, et al., Bjørklund G

In preparation 

Cancer-Associated Cachexia, Reactive Oxygen Species, and Nutrition Therapy
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Aaseth J, Chirumbolo S, *Pen JJ (approx. 10.12.17)

Comparison of the public health threats from uranium and arsenic, which both can be present in high concentrations in drinking water
*Christophersen OA, Bjørklund G, Rahman MM, Chirumbolo S, Aaseth J

Deficiency of iron as a micronutrient aside from the anemia concern
Bjørklund G, *Rahman MM, et al. [Draft: End of October 2017]

Insights on Melatonin as a Major Target in Cancer Prevention
Bjørklund G, Rajib SA, Saffoon N, *Chirumbolo S (approx. 12.01.18)

Is Burning Mouth Syndrome Associated with Dental Metal Allergies? A Case-Control Study
Sălăvăstru CM, Coculescu EC, Bjørklund G, Grigore RN, Urbina MA, Marcu A, Coculescu BI, *Ţiplica GS

Oxidative Stress in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, et al., Urbina MA, Kern JK, *Geier DA et al.

The Role of Selenoprotein P in Alzheimer’s Disease
Bjørklund G, Drobyshev E, Dubrovskiy Y, Lysiuk R, *Solovyev N


Asperger Syndrome: Do We Still Need Its Identification and Diagnosis?
Bjørklund G, Saad K, Chartrand MS

Dietary Regimens as a Therapeutic Approach for Autism Management 
Waly MI, Al-Farsi Y, Bjørklund G (In preparation #16/07/2015)

Metabolic Investigations in Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
*Endreffy I, Bjørklund G, Urbina MA, Dicső F (In preparation 28/06/2015)

The Role of Paraoxonase 1 in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, et al. (Review idea)


The Possible Role of Mercury as One of the Causal Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease
Bjørklund G, et al. (In preparation)

Selenium and Parkinson’s disease
Bjørklund G, et al. (Review idea)


Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS): Current State of the Art and Potential Advances in the Detection of Laboratory Markers
Osredkar J, Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S, Fras Z

Body Mass Index and Obesity in Asiatic Developing Countries
Bjørklund G, Shehab O, Shehab A, Elkilany GN, Chirumbolo S

Copper, Zinc, and Cardiovascular Disorders
Bjørklund G et al. (Literature study)

Matrix Gla Protein (MGP): A New Player in Vascular Calcifications
Svanberg E, Bjørklund G et al. (In preparation 2016)

Nutrition Habits and Trends in Adult BMIs in Southern Asiatic Countries: A Comment
Shehab O, Bjørklund G, Shehab A, Elkilany GN, Chirumbolo S, Singh RB

Obesity, Body Mass Index, and Health 
Shehab O, Bjørklund G, Singh RB

Statins in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
Bjørklund G, Fedacko J, Singh RB


Cancer and Pain
Bjørklund G, et al. (In preparation 25/08/2015)

Osteoporosis and Treatment of Bone Metastases
Bjørklund G, et al. (In preparation)

Toxic and Trace Elements in Medicine

Bjørklund G, et al. (Review idea)

Long-Term Accumulation in the Skeleton and Subsequent Mobilization of Bone-Seeking Elements
Bjørklund G, et al. (Review idea)

Moderate Doses of Mercury is a Hazard to the Human Brain 
Bjørklund G, Urbina MA, et al. (In preparation)

Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase and Association with Different Diseases
*Bjørklund G, Osredkar J, et al. (In preparation 17/07/2015)

Vitamin Research

Vitamin D and Osteoporosis
Bjørklund G, Kundu S,  et al. (In preparation)

Vitamin D Deficiency and Various Disorders
Bjørklund G, Kundu S, et al. (In preparation)


Anti-Aging Effects of Plants Used in Cosmetics
Smetanina K, Bjørklund G, Lysiuk R et al. (In preparation 21/11/2015)


Tissue Repair-stimulating Effects of Thymosin beta4
Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S (In preparation 30/03/2016) 

Manuscripts Submitted