Under Review

This list contains manuscripts that are submitted to a journal for possible publication. See also CONEM’s Publications and Ongoing Projects.


A Dissipative Perspective of the Human Mind. Maturana, Varela and the New Triadic Model
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella G, Vella G, Capobianco NC, Vella A (Under Review 14 Mar 2019 HELIYON)

***A Review on Coordination Properties of Thiol-Containing Chelating Agents Towards Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead
Bjørklund G, Crisponi G, Nurchi VM, Cappai R, Buha Djordjevic A, Aaseth J (To be Resubmitted xxx 2019 MOLECULES)

Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Metals in the Street Dust of Kashan, Iran
Fakhri Y, Moradi Q, Mirzaei R, Sorooshian A, Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S, Alipour M, Rahmatinia M, Ghaderpoori M, Taghavi M, Keramati H, Bay A, Moradi B (Under Review 05 Mar 2019 EGAH)

***Copper Concentrations in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jouybari L, Kiani F, Islami F, Sanagoo A, Sayehmiri F, Hosnedlová B, Doşa MD, Kizek R, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (To be Resubmitted xxx 2019 CMC)

Delayed Encephalopathy: Examining Latent Neurological Effects and Progressive Brain Pathogenesis Following Exposure to Neurotoxic Agents or Events
*Kern JK, Geier DA, Homme KG, Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S, Geier MR (Under Review 09 Aug 2019 JNS)

Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Metal Pollutants in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Non-Ischaemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Manousek J, Felsoci M, Miklik R, Parenica J, Krejci J, Bjørklund G, Klanova J, Mlejnek D, Miklikova M, Lokaj P, Chirumbolo S, Spinar J (Under Editor Evaluation 14 Aug 2019 ER)

GABA Synaptopathy Promotes the Elevation of Caspases 3 and 9 as Pro-Apoptotic Markers in Egyptian Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
El-Ansary A, Zayed N, Al-Ayadhi L, Qasem H, Anwar M, Meguid NA, Bhat RS, Doşa MD, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (With Editor 9 July 2019 ANEB)

Medicinal Plant-Derived Phytochemicals as Promising Detoxifying Agents
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Martins N, Goh BH, Doşa MD, Chirumbolo S, Lysiuk R (Under Review 15 Aug 2019 PTR)

Nutrients and Cancer: Are We Following the Flow? 
Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella A, Lievens P (Submitted 16 Aug 2019 YPHRS)

*On the Origin of Human Mind and the Need of a New Epistemology for Neuroscience
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella G, Vella G, Capobianco NC, Vella A (Handled by SC IJNL)

Oxidative Stress in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, Meguid NA, El-Bana MA, Tinkov AA, Saad K, Dadar M, Hemimi M, Skalny AV, Hosnedlová B, Kizek R, Osredkar J, Urbina MA, Fabjan T, El-Houfey A, Kałużna-Czaplińska J, Gątarek P, Chirumbolo S (Reviewer Assignment Pending 16 Aug 2019 MOLN)

Radiation-Related Health Hazards of Uranium Mining
Semenova Y, Pivina L, Zhunussov Y, Muzdubayeva Z, Bjørklund G (Under Review 01 July 2019 EGAH)

***Specialized Diet Therapies: Exploration for Improving Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Bjørklund G, et al. (To be Resubmitted xxx 2019 CMC)

The CD45dim/CD123bright/HLADRneg BAT in the Anti-Histamine Drug Allergy
*Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (*Submitted 02 Apr 2019 IJAAI)

The Role of Lipidomics in Autism Spectrum Disorder
El-Ansary A, Chirumbolo S, Bhat RS, Dadar M, Ibrahim EM, Geir Bjørklund (Reviewers Assigned 13 Aug 2019 MDTA)

The Role of Zinc and Copper in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Mellitus
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Pivina L, Doşa MD, Semenova Y, Aaseth J (*Awaiting for EIC Decision 15 Aug 2019 CMC)


Ongoing Projects