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This list contains manuscripts that are submitted to a journal for possible publication. See also CONEM’s Publications and Ongoing Projects.


A Comprehensive Review on Oxysterols and Related Diseases
Samadi A, Sabuncuoglu S, Samadi M, Yilmaz Isikhan S, Lay I, Yalcinkaya A, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Editor Evaluation 23 Jan 2020 CMC)

***Analytical Study on the Effects of Allelochemicals Inclusion in the Hydrophobic Cavity of Cyclodextrins
Butnariu M, Sarac I, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted XX 2020)

Arsenic Intoxication: General Aspects and Chelating Agents
Bjørklund G, Oliynyk P, Rahaman MS, Antonyak H, Peana M, Lozynska I, Lenchyk L, Lysiuk R (Submitted 24 Jan 2020 ATOX)

Arsenic Toxicity: Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Agents
Nurchi VN, Buha Dordevic A, Crisponi G, Alexander J, Bjørklund G, Aaseth J (Resubmitted 23 Jan 2020 biomolecules)

Association Between the Gut and Oral Microbiota With Obesity
Gasmi Benahmed A, Gasmi A, Doşa A, Aaseth J, Mujawdiya PK, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Under Review 23 Jan 2020 ANAEROBE)

Biomarkers of Aging: An Update of a Proposed Panel of Biomarkers
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Dadar M, Menzel A, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Awaiting for EIC Initial Approval 29 Dec 2019 CMC)

Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester: A Potential Therapeutic Cancer Agent
Bjørklund G, Lysiuk R, Lenchyk L, Storchylo O, Koshovyi O, Dadar M, Antonyak H, Hudz N, Chirumbolo S (Manuscript In Review 10 Dec 2019 CMC)

Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Metals in the Street Dust of Kashan, Iran
*Fakhri Y, Moradi Q, Mirzaei R, Sorooshian A, Bjørklund G, Chirumbolo S, Alipour M, Rahmatinia M, Ghaderpoori M, Taghavi M, Keramati H, Bay A, Moradi B (Under Review *08 Dec 2019 LTXR)

Coenzyme Q10 in Aging and Disease 
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Aaseth J, Doşa MD, Ongenae A, Pivina L, Piscopo S, Bjørklund G (Antiaging Compounds; Manuscript In Review 15 Dec 2019  CMC)

Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Metal Pollutants in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Non-Ischaemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Manousek J, Felsoci M, Miklik R, Parenica J, Krejci J, Bjørklund G, Klanova J, Mlejnek D, Miklikova M, Lokaj P, Chirumbolo S, Spinar J (Submitted 25 Jan 2020 CATO)

Effects of Iron Deficiency in Children Development
Pivina L, Semenova Y, Borisova O, Aaseth J, Dadar M, Bjørklund G (Under Review 13 Jan 2020 MOLN)

Environmental, Neuro-Immune, and Neuro-Oxidative Stress Interactions in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Pivina L, Doşa MD, Semenova Y, Maes M (Under Review 10 Jan 2020 MOLN)

***Gastrointestinal Alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Do We Know?
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Meguid NA, Pivina L, Anwar M, Semenova Y, Samadi A, Waly MI, Al-Farsi Y, Chirumbolo S (To be Resubmitted 22 Dec 2019 CMC)

High Concentrations of Uranium, Barium, and Lead in Cancer Patients and Healthy Controls in the Malwa Region of Punjab, India 
Bjørklund G, Pivina L, Salvatore Chirumbolo S (Under Review 21 Jan 2020 JH&P)

Insights on Dietary Omega-6/Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) Ratio as an Active Treatment in Malignant Bone Disease: What’s New?
Bjørklund G, et al. (Manuscript In Review 15 Dec 2019 CMC)

Interactions Between Iron and Manganese in Neurotoxicity
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Peana M, Rahaman MS, Aaseth J (Under Review 12 Dec 2019 ATOX)

Interactions of Xenobiotics, Trace Metals and Genetics in the Pathogenesis of Tauopathies
Aaseth J, Buha A, Wallace D, Bjørklund G (Under Review 13 Jan 2020 IJERPH)

Interactive Impact of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder on Hair Essential Trace Element and Mineral Content in Boys
Tinkov AA, Mazaletskaya AL, Ajsuvakova OP, Bjørklund G, Skalnaya MG, Notova SV, Chernova LN, Skalny AA, Burtseva TI, Skalny AV (Submitted 12 Jan 2020 JTEMB)

***Iron Deficiency in Obesity and after Bariatric Surgery 
Costea DO, Bjørklund G, *Pivina L, Dadar M, Semenova Y, Aaseth J (To be Submitted xx Jan 2020) PL 25.01.20

***Mercury-Induced Autoimmunity: Drifting from Micro to Macro Concerns on Autoimmune Disorders
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Martins N, Chirumbolo S, Aaseth J (To be Revised xx Jan 2020 YCLIM)

***Metals, Autoimmunity, and Neuroendocrinology: Is There a Connection?
Bjørklund G, Dadar M, Chirumbolo S, Aaseth J (To be Revised xx Jan 2020 ER)

Nutrients and Cancer: Are We Following the Flow? 
Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G, Vella A, Lievens P (Under Review 17 Jan 2020 NUT)

Obesity and Insulin Resistance: Associations with Chronic Inflammation, Genetic, and Epigenetic Factors
Gasmi A, Noor S, Doşa A, Menzel A, Pivina L, Bjørklund G (Manuscript In Review 20 Jan 2020 CMC)

***Radiation-Related Health Hazards of Uranium Mining
Semenova Y, Pivina L, Zhunussov Y, Zhanaspayev M, Muzdubayeva Z, Chirumbolo S, Akhmetova A, Prokazyuk A, Bulegenov T, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted XXX 2019)

Reduced Hair Mercury Levels and Other Toxic Trace Elements in Children with ADHD
Skalny AV, Mazaletskaya AL, Ajsuvakova OP, Skalnaya MG, Bjørklund G, Chernova LN, Skalny AA, Alexey A. *Tinkov AA (Submitted Aug 2019 TEE)

Relationship Between Gut Microbiota, Gut Hyperpermeability, and Obesity
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Doşa A, Gasmi Benahmed A, Pivina L, Bjørklund G (Manuscript In Review 23 Jan 2020 CMC)

Specialized Diet Therapies: Exploration for Improving Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Bjørklund G, et al. (Awaiting for EIC decision 14 Jan 2020 CMC)

***Sulfhydryl Groups as Targets of Mercury Toxicity
Ajsuvakova OP, Tinkov AA, Aschner M, Michalke B, Skalnaya MG, Skalny AV, Dadar M, Butnariu M, Sarac I, Aaseth J, Bjørklund G (To be Submitted XX Jan 2020 CHREAY)

The Potential for the Utilization of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. in Ukraine
Sopushynskyy I, Zayachuk V, Mandziuk R, Martins N, Lysiuk R, Bjørklund G (Under Review 28 Nov 2019 INDCRO)

***The Relationship Between Glutathione Redox Imbalance and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bjørklund G, Doşa MD, Maes M, Dadar M, Frye RE, Chirumbolo S (To be Submitted XX Jan 2020 PRONEU)

The Relationship Between Neurotransmitter Regulation and Food Consumption 
Gasmi A, Nasreen A, Menzel A, Gasmi Benahmed A, Pivina L, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Submitted 24 Jan 2020 CMC)

***The Role of Glutathione Redox Imbalance in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Critical Review
Bjørklund G, Tinkov AA, Hosnedlová B, Kizek R, Ajsuvakova OP, Chirumbolo S, Skalnaya MG, Dadar M, El-Ansary A, Qasem H, Adams JB, Aaseth J, Skalny AV (To be submitted 2019 PHARMREV, ANEU, or PRONEU)

The Role of Micronutrients in Adipocyte Function and Obesity
Bjørklund G, Borisova O, Dadar M, Lizcano F, Aaseth J (Manuscript In Review 08 Dec 2019 CMC)

The Role of Nutrients in Immune Response
Gasmi A, Nasreen A, Menzel A, Gasmi Benahmed A, Pivina L, Chirumbolo S, Bjørklund G (Submitted 24 Jan 2020 CMC)

Treatment of Heel Pain with Mineral Salts Exchange: Protocol for a Clinical Pilot Study
Dhillon KS, Singh J, Chirumbolo S, Chartrand MS, Lyall JS, Bjørklund G (Editor Assigned 15 Dec 2019 SNCM)

Uranium in Drinking Water: A Public Health Threat
Bjørklund G, Semenova Y, Dadar M, Pivina L, Rahman MM, Chirumbolo S, Aaseth J (Required Reviews Completed 22 Dec 2019 ATOX)


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