Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) is a non-profit association founded and registered in Norway in 2013 (organization number NO 911 825 236).  CONEM is established to facilitate research and information activities related to nutritional and environmental medicine. The fundamental mission is to promote the health of the public at large. The Board of Directors is the executive authority of CONEM. Read our by-laws.

The number of members is growing, and CONEM’s representation is being spread worldwide. At present, the association has members in about 60 countries and branches in four. CONEM is now working to establish branches in more countries.

International cooperation is essential in the world of research. CONEM wishes to play its part in generating new knowledge and to participate in cutting-edge international research. CONEM’s main research fields are autism, oral medicine/dental toxicology, and medical trace element studies. The association has since 2013 collaborated in research with international researchers from about 70 universities and institutions.

Main research fields:
Oral Medicine/Dental Toxicology

Privacy Policy
The personal information collected from the visitors of our website, including their identity, remains confidential. We respect the laws on confidentiality applicable to this website (hosted in the USA for our Norwegian registered association) and we will never pass on these data to any third party unless required by law. Our website does not collect any cookies.

Advertising Policy and Economic Resources
Currently, our website does not host any form of advertisement. The association has no other economic resources than what Geir Bjørklund, the founder and president of CONEM, covers private.

For More Information:
For more information, e-mail info@conem.org or call one of our phone numbers:
+47 913 68 024 (Norway), +1 646 248 5973 (USA), +46 90695 8085 (Sweden),
or +40 312 263 097 (Romania).



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