Head Office

The head office of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) is situated in Mo i Rana, the city below the Arctic Circle in Nordland county, Northern Norway.

Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
contact us
Toften 24
8610 Mo i Rana, Norway
Tel: +47 75 13 03 71
Email: bjorklund@conem.org

Geir Bjørklund
Founder and President

CONEM Scientific Secretary

Salvatore Chirumbolo
Clinical Biochemist
Editorial Board Member of Nutrition (Elsevier)
Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences
University of Verona
Strada Le Grazie 9
37134 Verona, Italy
Tel: +39 04 580 27645 or +39 34 046 14459
Email: salvatore.chirumbolo@conem.org

Copy Editor of Selected Papers

Max Stanley Chartrand
Behavioral Scientist
DigiCare Behavioral Research
820 West Cottonwood Lane, Suite 6
Casa Grande, AZ 85122, USA
Tel: +1 520 509 6380 (Voice/TDD)
Email: max.chartrand@conem.org

Groups of CONEM