Head Office

The head office of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) is situated in Mo i Rana, the city below the Arctic Circle in Nordland county, Northern Norway.

Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
contact us
Toften 24
8610 Mo i Rana, Norway
Tel: +47 75 13 03 71
Email: bjorklund@conem.org

Geir Bjørklund
Founder and President

CONEM Organizational Development Manager

Max Stanley Chartrand
Behavioral Scientist
DigiCare Behavioral Research
820 West Cottonwood Lane, Suite 6
Casa Grande, AZ 85122, USA
Tel: +1 520 509 6380 (Voice/TDD)
Email: max.chartrand@conem.org

CONEM Scientific Secretary

Salvatore Chirumbolo
Clinical Biochemist
Editorial Board Member of Nutrition (Elsevier)
Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences
University of Verona
Strada Le Grazie 9
37134 Verona, Italy
Tel: +39 04 580 27645 or +39 34 046 14459
Email: salvatore.chirumbolo@conem.org

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