Ilyès Baghli, M.D.

Ilyès Baghli, MDPrivate Physician
Ras El Ma, Sid Bel Abbés

President, The Algerian Branch of CONEM, SANMO
Société Algérienne de Nutrition et de Médecine Orthomoléculaire


Telephone: +213 55 0588607


Ilyès Baghli, MD
Cité des 50 Logements
22005 Ras El Ma, Sid Bel Abbés

Curriculum Vitae

SANMO Presentation

TV Recordings from Canal Algérie (in French)

An Audio Recording from Radio Algérie (in French)

International Award for Cancer and Chronic Diseases Treatment (2016)

In 2018, Ilyès Baghli, MD was inducted into Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame.