Robert Gammal, B.D.S.

Dentist in Private Practice
Fellow ACNEM (Dent)



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Robert Gammal, B.D.S.
Beach Street Dental Centre
35 Beach Street
Merimbula NSW 2548

1975 was my first year as an official registered dentist, graduating from Sydney University. I worked as a dentist till 1987 both in Sydney and the UK. I started my own practice in 1978 in Sydney and then the Blue Mountains. In this time I practiced dentistry as was taught at the university. I placed amalgams and did root therapies and poured fluoride over children’s teeth for 13 years. These practices are still taught at Sydney University today.

In 1987 I decided on a career change and spent the next three years working as a masseur and studying a wide range of more natural treatments. At the same time I started becoming aware of the dangers of mercury from amalgam and in this period of not working with amalgam my own health improved dramatically.

I returned to dentistry in 1991 with greater knowledge and awareness and NO amalgam. I was fortunate to meet wonderful teachers in this period and became motivated to educate both the members of the medical and dental profession and also the public.

In 1994 I instigated the formation of the Australian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, as an organization of like-minded professionals to achieve these goals. I served as president and secretary at various times and ran several dental conferences in Australia. Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to speak at many conferences.

In 2004 I completed the first one-hour documentary – ‘Quecksilber’ – about the dangers of mercury from dental amalgam. This movie is now being distributed worldwide.

The latest movie called ROOTED is now available and describes the dangers associated with root canal therapy.  Both movies are available at

Since 1991 I have had the good fortune to work with thousands of people and have witnessed spectacular changes in their health. Removing amalgam fillings effectively removes the greatest source of mercury to the general population. It allows for a reduction of total body burden of mercury, many times resulting in improved health. Removing dead teeth, whether root treated also leads to spectacular health improvements. I have also not used fluoride since the mid 1980’s as the risks far outweigh any presumed benefit of forcing this toxic chemical into people’s bodies.

Hopefully enough people will take the time to learn about these serious dangers to health and the outcry will see the ending of these practices which are regarded in the profession as ‘state of the art’. My hope is that one day dentistry will move from a stone age’s approach of mechanics and take its place as a true healing profession.



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