Naina Sachdev, MD

Naina SanchevMedical Director
Advanced Aesthetics & Integrative Medical Center
Lake Osewego, Oregon, USA




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Naina Sachdev, MD
Advanced Aesthetics and Integrative Medical Center
121 C Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Dr. Naina Sachdev received her medical degree from The University of Chicago Medical School. With a Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine and a fellowship in Functional Medicine, Dr. Naina is also a lecturer for the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M), both domestically and internationally. Her international client base includes patients in Los Angeles and Dubai.

For the past 12 years Dr. Naina has focused on blending conventional medicine, nutrition, biochemical, and aesthetic disciplines to create customized programs for patients. These unique programs can deliver better health, an improved appearance and enhanced lifestyle; often dramatically transforming patient’s lives.

Most recently, Dr. Naina served as the ambassador for Olay’s Regenerist skincare line, recently launched in the Middle East. Dr. Naina spent this opportunity as an educator on the latest wellness and skincare regimens and shared the excitement and enthusiasm with Olay skincare in educating consumers on the cutting edge knowledge of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Naina wants to empower her patients to be in charge of their health and beauty. Utilizing an approach called The Fusion of Science and Beauty, she incorporates nutritional genomics with state of the art scientific testing and aesthetics equipment. Tapping into her long time experience with internal and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Naina can beneficially impact a patient’s health at multiple levels. The customized protocols Dr. Naina develops can assist with hormonal imbalances, fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and fight the signs of aging.

Dr. Naina is also in the process of launching a revolutionary patent-pending skincare line called Naina MD that brings The Fusion of Science and Beauty to patients at home where they can fight the signs of aging every day by incorporating these scientifically advanced products into a daily regimen.