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  • Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Epilepsy

    You might have heard the term “brain food” used to describe food that’s good for you. Doctors at Mayo Clinic say there really is a diet that benefits the brain. But this diet is not for everybody. It’s for kids who have epilepsy, and it’s based on extremely high fats and very few carbs. More […]

  • …First Do No Harm

    This is a 1997 television film, directed by Jim Abrahams, about a boy whose severe epilepsy, unresponsive to medications with terrible side effects, is controlled by the┬áketogenic diet. Aspects of the story mirror Abrahams’ own experience with his son Charlie. When Lori Reimuller┬álearns that her young son Robbie has epilepsy, she first trusts the judgment […]