The Heresy Of Linus Pauling: Vitamin C

The heresy of Linus Pauling (1901 — 1994) was that he claimed a range of diseases could be cured by taking large amounts of vitamin C. He was condemned until a few years ago when other scientists began to have second thoughts.

Heretic: Linus Pauling

The last to be made about double Nobel Laureate Dr Linus Pauling, this film was shot about a year before he died in 1994. It chronicles how the world of science, having accoladed him for his breakthrough discoveries about the fundamental chemistry of molecules, later derided him for his experiments on – and championing of – the health benefits of high doses of Vitamin C.

BBC Heretic Series. Ep. 2: Linus Pauling, Vitamin C. 1994.


Cardiovascular Disease

A Unified Theory of The Cause & Treatment

The two-time unshared Nobel Prize recipient Linus Pauling (1901 – 1994) and the German medical doctor Matthias Rath (born 1955) presented in 1989 a new theory of cardiovascular disease.

They hypothesized that heart disease is a manifestation of chronic scurvy, and atherosclerotic plaque is a mechanism evolved to repair or patch blood vessels and arteries damaged by chronic vitamin C deficiency. Plaque deposits found in human aortas are made up of a blood lipid called lipoprotein(a).

The solution Pauling and Rath suggested on this problem were that high dosages of vitamin C and lysine in combination neutralize lipoprotein(a). This may according to the researchers prevent and cure cardiovascular disease. The following is a video with Linus Pauling from 1993. The video has an introduction by Patrick Holford.



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